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Street Food in Taipei

Posted on April 6, 2013

Buying is to Hong Kong as eating is to Taiwan. Instead of a jewelery store or bank on every corner here, Taipei is saturated by mom-n-pop food stalls and hole-in-the-wall diners. The sheer number of places to eat versus the population of Taipei is completely illogical. Most of these places exist in the myriad night markets, which are sprinkled in every district like freckles on a redhead. Street food and the amount of it in Taipei is frighteningly overwhelming. I would exit the place I was staying at, immediately be greeted by at least three or four vendors, get guilt-tripped into buying a meat bun or something and then walk down the street for five minutes. During those five minutes in Datong, a district…

Meeting of Styles Shenzhen 2013 Recap

Posted on March 25, 2013

march2013 495 High-res version

I had the wonderful privilege to paint at this year’s Meeting of Styles (MOS) in Shenzhen, China. Roughly 200 graffiti artists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Canada, Germany, France, Poland and Vietnam came to get down and paint this past weekend. It was an excellent time full of laughs, sweat and art. Most of the artists painted on temporary walls in the basketball courts while others painted on the walls of one of the school’s buildings. There was even an eating contest and an after party at some local bar I couldn’t find. Thank you to Holy Krap for organizing and Tankos for sponsoring. Big ups to my new friends from across the world. Enjoy the flicks!