Hi, I'm Aaron Lam.

A photographer music producer street artist tech teacher from

Victoria, Canada now living in Hong Kong.

Music is my favorite langauge.

The Fiendish Dr. Wu (2013 - Now)

Named after a nefarious villain from one of my favorite movies, Black Dynamite, I go by the name “The Fiendish Dr. Wu” when transposing my experiences in Asia into music. Living and travelling around in such a vast continent for the past three years has blessed my palette with an endless ocean of ideas, sounds and rhythms. Japanese, Gamelan and Arabic instruments, modes and scales are some of my prime influences.

Some Little Prince (2012)

“Some Little Prince” is the name I used for an acoustic album I recorded in my bedroom a few weeks before I left Canada to move to Hong Kong in 2012. Since I was leaving home and spreading my wings for the first time, I wanted to thank my parents and give them something they could listen to when they would inevitably miss me. The songs I recorded are mostly covers with a few originals using a piano and guitar.

The Lam (2010 - 2012)

Starting in 2010, “The Lam” was the first name I ever produced under when I first felt a spark to write music. At the time I was still learning the basics of my craft and gravitated towards rap instrumentals using piano. Influenced by the aesthetics of Dr. Dre, Nujabes and J Dilla, I sought to link hip hop with other genres using theme and subject matter. The result was a splendid trial-and-error adventure of good ideas and bad mixing.

Dimple (2013 - Now)

“Dimple” is the name I use for DJing. My favorite genres to mix include swing house, french house, electro house, downtempo hip hop and funny Chinese or Bollywood tunes.

A blank wall is the best canvas.

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Murals for Pure Fitness Gyms and Lamma Island Amber Shop in HK

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Graffiti for Hushup, Secret Island Party and Maximal Concepts in HK

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Murals and street art projects for various HK companies

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Letters and styles painted all around Asia

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I technology and education.

So I started Unlearners to help teachers use technology in the classroom.

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